What actually happens at a San Antonio Strip Club

What actually happens at a San Antonio Strip Club

For some people, mostly the younger crowd, hanging out at the local San Antonio strip club is a rite of passage, other than visit the Alamo and the Riverwalk of Couse.  If you haven’t been to a strip club before or you’re a regular, there are some things that strippers and waitstaff wish you knew before you walk through the door. The more you know about how to act and what to expect from the more fun your visit can be.

Come prepared

Bring cash, bring your credit card and bring your friends.  Strip clubs have many different areas for you to sit and enjoy conversation, sports, food, drinks and yes, the view.  But from the minute you park, walk in and sit, expect to pay for what you want.  Clubs offer valet parking, they usually charge admission fees, and depending on where you sit, you are expected to purchase a beverage, food or bottle service, especially if you sit in VIP.


Dos and Don’ts at the strip club in San Antonio

  • Do have fun
  • Do converse about anything you want
  • Saying no to a dance is awkward, but allowed
  • If a girl interests you, ask a waitress or a floor host to introduce you
  • Do eat, the food is usually really good
  • Beware, this is Texas, expect the Tex-Mex food to be fire hot spicy
  • Don’t sit at the bar if you’re not going to buy a beverage.
  • Don’t sit at the stage if you’re not going to tip the dancers.
  • Don’t be scared to ask about how much dances are.
  • Don’t get upset when you’re cut off
  • Don’t ask girls out on dates, the club is not where you will meet your wife.


Strip clubs are about selling the possibility, or the fantasy of dating beautiful women. Clubs have great DJs playing the latest hits, often loud and with great lighting effects.  So expect your experience to be of the frequenting a nightclub, but with naked beautiful women dancing all over the club.